Custom Marketing Solution

A Proforma Case Study


The Cheesecake Factory® realized that they were having an operational problem creating a consistent look amongst the employees of their restaurants. Female servers were having trouble finding a white, button down collar oxford shirt with a good fit and the black pants never matched each other. The corporate office was interested in developing a uniform dress code that did not break the law against mandating that employees buy specific uniforms.


Proforma proposed eight different samples of pants and shirts without the logo so that the items could be deemed "multi-use" which allowed the company to avert the law. With the input from servers and the corporate office, Proforma created an online store for employees to purchase their uniforms. The store helped The Cheesecake Factory® maintain a consistent corporate identity and allowed for a simple ordering process.


The corporate office and employees were both pleased with the final uniform. The online store is running smoothly with almost 70 orders placed within the first month alone.

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