Custom Marketing Solution

A Proforma Case Study


The Event Management Coordinator for the Philadelphia Flyers' was looking to generate donations for the Flyers Wives' Fight for Lives Carnival. She came up with the idea to sell 2,000 adult and 1,000 children "mystery bags" filled with Flyers-branded items for $20-25 each. The main challenge was to ensure that the bags generated more money than the cost of the products.


Proforma answered the call by developing an attractive design for the bags and choosing high-quality, useful items to fill the bags at cost-effective prices. Wanting to help the cause as well as the customer, we donated the bags, allowing the Flyers to raise more money. It also allowed the client to purchase additional promotional items as prizes for the carnival games.

Proforma showcased its ability to provide total event management by coordinating the activities the day the bags were filled. This "bag-filling day" was attended by many of the Flyer's wives and representatives of the media to help boost attendance at the carnival.


On the day of the carnival, the bags completely sold out. Due to the success of the program, Proforma is partnering with them for the 2009 Carnival. This year, Proforma will be providing even more "Event Management" than last year. The client was especially impressed with Proforma customer service, creativity and generous support.

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