Custom Marketing Solution

A Proforma Case Study


Breaking away from a parent organization, especially when it's Intel, can be quite the adventure. To ensure the transition is positive, everyone involved needs to feel secure with the move and excited that the business is going out on its own. The Human Resources department at Numonyxâ„¢, a leading technology company, was looking to provide kits for their employees to celebrate its launch as an independent company.


Numonyx hired an outside advertising agency for help. Before moving forward with the agency, the company decided to run the pricing past Proforma as a safeguard. Right away, Proforma knew it could provide greater value.

Proforma and Numonyx quickly worked out the details and pricing for the employee kit. By partnering with Proforma Numonyx was able to create 8,500 full-color printed journal books, custom pens, lanyards and carabineer clips - all imprinted with a full-color logo. The final approval for the order was delayed, causing a scramble to meet the fast approaching deadline. Numonyx received each of the pieces of the kit before the deadline due to Proforma attentiveness in every step of the production process. The kits were delivered to 40 company locations worldwide for the first official day of business.


Numonyx was thrilled with the employee kits and the quality of the promotional items, especially since they had foregone all proofs and pre-production samples due to the shorter delivery timeframe. Since completing this project, Proforma has also created a product catalog that was sent to each of the 40 company locations. Each location can now contact Proforma directly to place an order for the products featured in the catalog.

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