One Source. Infinite Resources

Proforma utilizes a one source infinite resources approach as a management consultant, solutions provider and product supplier in the areas of print, promotional products, apparel, marketing/communications, multimedia, website design and visibility, social media, translation/interpretation services and technology.

Proforma offers a 16% cost savings on a full print management program. To date we have achieved no less than 25% and as high as 59% cost savings for our clients. Our methodologies are not based solely on bidding as product is only one means to cost savings. We utilize Six Sigma and S.M.A.R.T. methodologies as well as project management principles to streamline workflow solutions and increase process efficiencies while eliminating obsolescence and waste through products, services, and technology. Some of our clients have converted of our programs to Six Sigma Black Belt projects. It is also worth mentioning that these employees/project leaders have been recognized by their own organizations with premier awards.

In 2004 Proforma pioneered the ability to offer an online ordering system capable of handling over 160 languages. Our systems streamline the ordering process while creating greater buying power and are designed to ensure brand management and consistency for organizations.

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