Custom Marketing Solution

A Proforma Case Study


Honda/Acura, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in North America, was looking to create an employee incentive program with a high perceived value. The goal was to creatively and effectively reward customer service representatives for meeting service satisfaction goals at various dealerships.


Proforma developed an employee recognition program that centered on the theme of "Celebration." The programs centerpiece is the "Celebration in a Box", customized to look like the dealership and containing all of the following items custom logo'd with Honda/Acura's brand:

  • A 2 lb. customized chocolate piece
  • A ceremonial gold hammer to break the chocolate
  • 40 chocolate business cards
  • An inspirational cube
  • Motivational plaques
  • "Celebration" balloons

Instead of celebrating its success with the traditional cake and napkins, the employees gather together for a special celebration where the chocolate is cracked and shared.


The recognition program has been a huge success among the car dealerships. The employees see the "Celebration in a Box" as a fun way to be recognized for their accomplishments.

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