Custom Marketing Solution

A Proforma Case Study


Proforma was introduced to Quaterra, a mining exploration company developing several different projects throughout North America. Traditionally, their Marketing Department would use press releases and newsletters to communicate with their stockholders, potential investors, and fund managers. With so many other companies communicating the same way, Quaterra found it difficult to break through the clutter and create awareness for their company.


We realized a V-Mailcard (a DVD or CD-ROM containing a custom presentation specially fixed to a full-color postcard) would be the perfect medium to distribute a one-on-one interview with their CEO. Proforma organized the film crew and production of the video featured on the DVD, as well as the production of the mailable postcard.

When their Marketing Department asked us to weigh in on how best to distribute the V-Mailcard, Proforma recommended a more direct approach. Instead of doing a mass mailing to a "cold market", we determined that building a database of personal contacts from key personnel would be the best way to take advantage of V-Mailcards' unique format.


The impact of receiving the V-Mailcard in the mailbox, combined with the hand written postcard to personal contacts, was a huge success. In the six months since the introduction of the first V-Mailcard, Quarterra's stock has almost doubled. The company's Marketing Department is now considering other applications for the V-Mailcard.

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