Custom Marketing Solution

A Proforma Case Study


BT Americas specializes in helping multi-site organizations with integrated network and communication solutions. To attract organizations, they often sponsor hospitality suites during tradeshows and conferences throughout the year. BT was looking to top the great reviews from the previous year.


After researching the upcoming trade show, Proforma discovered a quote from a past attendee, "84% of C-level executives would 'bet' that data security was going to be an issue they would face for the next decade." Based on this quote, Proforma pitched a poker themed event around the phrase "Don't gamble with your Network IT Security." BT loved the initial proposal and gave Proforma full control of planning the hospitality suite, including the theme, commercial printing, graphic design, giveaways, and more.

Proforma arranged for Chris Moneymaker (2003 World Series of Poker champion) to play cards with some of BT Americas' prospects and clients. We also suggested that BT's executives deal at the suite to increase face-to-face interaction with prospects.

Proforma printed the literature for the tradeshow and to promote the hospitality suite. Proforma also designed and produced signage featuring Chris Moneymaker, distributed authentic custom poker chips and gave away lanyards with custom printed invitations inserted into clear pouches.


The hospitality suite was a hit! BT Americas expected 300-400 people to visit; total attendees topped 600. In addition, the event was scheduled to end at 9 PM but lasted until midnight. Chris Moneymaker was generous enough to stay as long as necessary to play and sign autographs for hundreds, helping to make Proforma and BT America's partnership a huge success.

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